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  Cosy and authentic interior of Da Sergio creates the atmosphere of real Mediterranean – the world of warm colours, magic smells and delightful tastes.

We use the best of what fertile Italian land has yielded – fresh vegetables, fruites, meat and sea products.

At Da Sergio you can try everything that has made Italian cuisine the most famous and favourite in the world – exquisite appetizers and light salads, delicate soups and, of course, the most popular: lasagne, ravioli, risotto, pastas and pizzas – made on live fire, delicious and unforgettable.

Sergio, lay the table!  




Restaurant entrance from Matisa street.


Our skillful barmen and place where the best drinks in the city are made.


You can watch pizza preparation process from cosy second floor. 


Warm lighting makes you feel like comfortable as at home.

Contatti: telefono: 00 371 67312777Via Terbatas 65, Riga, Letoniae-mail: